On the site

Info about catering, payment methods, accessibility & more


Various food and drink options are available on the event site. The culinary offerings at Space Creator Day are primarily limited to smaller dishes and snacks such as sandwiches, French fries, curry sausage, and so on. Full meals and menus are next doors in the Technik Museum's self-service restaurant. Important: the self-service restaurant is located on the grounds of the museum and can therefore only be used if you have a ticket for the Technik Museum Speyer.

Bringing your drinks and snacks is not allowed.

Payment methods

Space Creator Day is a cashless event. Purchases on site (for example, Space Creator merchandise) can only be made with Girocard, EC card, Mastercard, Maestro, VISA, V-Pay, American Express, and Google & Apple Pay.

An exception is the stands where you can buy something to eat and drink. Here, payment is possible with cash and an EC card.

Access to the Space Creator Day

Minimum Age
There is no minimum age requirement for participation in Space Creator Day. All fans of all ages are welcome and welcome to attend. However, due to the expected number of participants, this event could be unsuitable, especially for young children. Therefore, please consider if you and your offspring feel prepared for an event with many people, presentations, and resulting noise. We cannot accept any liability for any damage.

To be able to grant access to Space Creator Day to as many fans as possible, accessibility is an essential topic for us. In principle, all activities and areas of the Space Creator Day are therefore at ground level and thus easily accessible for wheelchair users and people with disabilities. A large part of the exhibition areas of the Technik Museum Speyer is also accessible at ground level or via elevators and ramps without any problems.

If you are affected and have any further questions, please get in touch with us at any time by e-mail at info@spacecreatorday.com

No Access
As a matter of principle, we reserve the right to refuse a person access to the event site. This may be the case, for example, if a person refuses to comply with the COVID-19 hygiene measures and requirements in force at the time. In addition, anti-constitutional, racist, or discriminatory symbols, identification signs, and slogans on clothing, body, etc., are also prohibited on the premises and will result in denial of access.